Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the most commonly asked questions about Chinese Medicine. Click on the question to expand the area and see the answer.

If you have more questions, please contact me via the website or at 208-215-2579.

Your First Visit

What can I expect?

Your first treatment will be a total of 90 minutes. The first 45 minutes will be an extensive interview and examination.

During examination I will feel your pulse, look at your tongue and feel your abdomen.

After diagnosis, I will discuss with you the possible treatments and what you would like to do today. Treatment may include acupuncture, moxabustion, massage (Tuina or Sotai) or cupping. I will also discuss the possibility of prescribing a herbal formula, if needed.

If you are pregnant or have an injury making it difficult to lie on your back or stomach, I have many different types of bolsters and pillows to get you in a comfortable position.

How should I prepare?

Please fill out your paperwork online before arriving. If you need to you can do this at the office. I need your full medication list if you would like to take herbs.

Please make sure to eat before arriving. This is especially important in the morning. Receiving acupuncture on an empty stomach can cause dizziness and nausea.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Acupuncture doesn’t always require you to disrobe and it is always up to your comfort level. Loose pants and tops help me get to just above the knee down and elbow down – The most common places for points.

Pricing & Insurance

  • Insurance: I am not an in-network with any insurance companies in the region. If your insurance plan covers acupuncture please call and ask what they cover for acupuncture from an out-of-network provider. 
  • If your insurance will pay for your visits (or more likely a portion of them) I will provide you with all the paperwork you need to be reimbursed.
  • By not being in-network I am able to keep my prices affordable for both insurance and cash based patients. 
  • HSA or FSA cards can be used for acupuncture, herbs and other treatments at Dancing Rabbit Holistic Medicine. 

The rates below reflect a “payment at time of service” discount. Prices effective April 1, 2018

Price per visit

Check out discounts available with monthly memberships and visit packages

Initial Acupuncture Visit$110

80 minutes

During this appointment Laura will interview you in detail about your current health complaints and your goals for treatment. Depending on your condition, Laura may use different modalities throughout the visit including acupuncture, moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, electro-acupuncture, sotai, tuina and aromatherapy. If you are interested in nutritional therapy or herbs she will also make recommendations based on your needs.

Follow-up Acupuncture Visit$85

60 minutes

In this visit the interview will be much shorten and actual treatment time the same or longer then the initial visit.

Acupuncture – Home Visit$90

60 minutes

Most commonly used for post-partum mamas and those on bed rest. Not available to schedule online, please call 208-215-2579.

Initial Herbal Consult$85

60 minutes

During this appointment Laura will interview you in detail about your current health complaints, lifestyle and your goals for treatment. She will also feel your pulse, look at your tongue and palpate your stomach. You will receive an herbal prescription and dietary recommendations.

Follow-up Herbal Consult$60

45 minutes

This is simply a check in. I will briefly talk to you about your formula and current symptoms, feel your pulse, look at your tongue and feel your abdomen. If necessary I will adjust the dosage and herbs in your formula. It may not take as long as 45 minutes.


Moscow Food Co-Op members (for 1st and 2nd treatments), seniors & students receive $10 off visits.

Free 20 minute consult

Would you like to get to know me more before you start treatment? Not sure if I can help you? Let me answer all your questions in this free 20 minute session.

Ready to get started?


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Community Acupuncture Membership

6 visit punch card


Per card
  • $5 off each treatment
  • Expires in 1 year
  • Sessions available twice a week

Unlimited + Private session


Per Month
  • Up to $500 savings!
  • Up to 8 community sessions a month!
  • Ear seed kit unique to your needs
  • 1 private 60 minute Acupuncture session per month

What’s the difference between private visits & community?

Private Treatment

  • Private room with Laura’s full attention
  • Heated massage table
  • Able to treat any part of body; front and/or back
  • Practitioner is available during treatment
  • Extended interview & prescription of supplements & herbs
  • Needle free treatments are an option!
  • Massage: Sotai, Tuina, reflexology
  • Moxabustion (critical in women’s health & pregnancy)
  • No monthly membership option

Community Acupuncture

  • Group setting with 4-5 patients in room
  • Comfortable zero-gravity recliners
  • Treatment areas are limited to the head, ears, arms and legs
  • Limited interview (5 min) & time speaking with practitioner
  • Acupuncture only

Visit Packages

3 visit package


for 3 follow up sessions
  • $10 savings per visit!
  • Membership benefits at The Nest

9 visit package


for 9 follow up sessions
  • $20 savings per visit!
  • Membership benefits at The Nest

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact me!