Pregnancy: Labor & Delivery

The final weeks before child birth are considered the most uncomfortable. If you are experiencing…

  • Edema
  • High blood pressure
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Varicose veins
  • Leg cramps
  • Nose bleeds / Gums bleeding
  • Difficulty sleeping

…Chinese medicine can provide some relief from these symptoms.

Pre-birth (cervical ripening) acupuncture

Cervical ripening starts at weeks 36 to 37. Weekly treatments until labor begins produces the best results. These treatments balance hormones, calm the sympathetic nervous system and improve blood flow to the reproductive organs. These treatments will ripen the cervix, calm your mind and strengthen your blood and energy in order for your mind and body to be ready for a smooth labor and birth.

Some studies have shown that pre-birth acupuncture starting at 36 weeks result in a shorter duration of labor, reduction in medical inductions, lower cesarean rates, reduction in requests for epidural and an overall increase in vaginal delivery.

For the research and more detailed statistics please look below:

Breech or posterior position

If your baby is consistently in a breech or posterior position using moxabustion can help turn your baby into the proper position for child birth. I can teach you how to apply moxa to a point called Zhiyin (Bladder 67). Burning moxa at this point for 15 minutes twice daily for ten days has been used historically to turn a breech presentation. This has also been supported by research:


Typically there is a limit to the number of days a pregnancy is medically allowed to continue past 40 weeks. Usually medical providers induce at the end of 42 weeks. If you are past your due date (40 weeks) and you would like to avoid a medical induction, pursuing acupuncture treatment is a viable option.

Depending on the situation one to three acupuncture treatments may be recommended followed by acupressure at home. There have not been enough studies on inducement with acupuncture to fully understand its effectiveness.

Pain in labor

So far research has shown no difference between using acupuncture and acupressure during labor. Different acupressure points and techniques that can relieve pain during childbirth. When using acupressure during labor it is important to start as early as possible. Prior to child birth I highly recommend either an individual education session at my clinic (call 208-215-2579 or schedule online) or one of my group classes in acupressure during labor at the Uma Center.

Acupressure During Birth group class

Using acupressure during child birth can address the following symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Delayed labor or failure to progress
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue

The class will provide an easy to use during labor booklet covering all the information provided in class. I will cover timing, techinique and location of points. there will be plenty of hands on practice. .

$30 per couple

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